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BTC MONK, founded by Mr. Ganesh Godse and Pritesh Saitwal, is a Bitcoin exchange portal which is a peer-to-peer trading platform in India. The portal allows you to buy and sell bitcoins at lower rates. The BTC Monk application has unlimited options, perfectly packaged in BTC monk for bitcoins exchange. Ganesh Godse developed the BTC MONK, which is a legal platform and hence trustworthy to use. The application is compatible to use on iOS, Android, and windows.

BTC Monk is receiving a variety of reports against the phishing attempts lately. Mr. Ganesh Godse has appeared to be highly concerned about the security issues regarding the portal. Ganesh Godse figured out that measures such as two-step authentication could be useless once the attackers manage to deceive the account owner.

Phishing alerts must be given a special attention. As ud=sers have recently reported a problem of phishing on the website link. The user gets the link, which leads to the website. The website which is disguised from the original BTC Monk website which is formed by Mr. Ganesh Godse. The website which is phished asks you to go through the standard access procedure like, specifying the password and verification code. When the data is restored, violators have access to this particular account, with which they will immediately take advantage. Ganesh Godse, on behalf of BTC Monk, has taken all the necessary steps to prevent the users’ data from getting stolen.

Users are needed to take few precautions before signing in to the portal:

Whenever the user visits BTC Monk, he has to make sure the website address in the address bar is right and secured by SSL. The user should never disclose their personal information to anyone. Make sure that your BTC Monk password is strong and consider changing the passwords for extra security. Keep two-way authentication enabled.

BTC Monk is a very trustworthy platform for trading bitcoins. The platform allows you to trade and earn at the same time. BTC Monk gives you interest for your bitcoins interest at the same time by simply storing Bitcoins as it also gives you free. Bitcoins on new sign up which is indeed a rare feature.

Pros of BTC Monk application: Friendly and attractive UI, Zero internal transaction fees, best rates for BTC (Selling and Buying both), Earn bitcoins every 24 hours, Referral bonus.

Mr. Godse Ganesh and Saitwal Pritesh have worked hard to make a BTC Monk have a very big database of users that are ascending daily. You can get an advantage of having free bitcoins by simply signing up as a new user.

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