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In the world of cybersecurity and hacking, there are many ways a malicious hacker can steal your information such as phishing, malware attack, smishing etc. The easy and effective method for identity theft and stealing information is phishing as it’s easy to do and most of the people fall for it since they are unable to identify between the real secured website and a fake one.

What exactly is phishing and how can we save ourselves from falling into the trap made by a malevolent hacker? Phishing is the technique used by a hacker to steal your username and password and mostly its done by sending a mail to you and asking you to log in over a website which is masquerading the original website. The common example is the mail you get which asks you to submit your social security number or Aadhaar number as it is required to verify your account or to activate your debit card, the link is provided in the mail and as soon as you open it, it takes you to a webpage which is an exact replica of the bank page and the moment you enter your credentials, your information goes to the hacker and you lose your money.

Now you must be wondering that how can we know for sure that the web page we have opened is genuine but not a replica, well the easiest way to know that is the to look at the URL of the page which starts with a green colored padlock icon and link starts with “https://” not with “HTTP”. The center for internet security has mentioned various guidelines for the companies to safeguard their website by using “https”. The “https” stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. If you don’t see the green padlock icon and https on URL then please refrain from opening the link, sometimes the hackers use the name of the website but with little change in the spelling and you should read the name carefully before taking the next step.

Nowadays the security products making companies like Kaspersky, MacAfee, Symantec etc. have launched software’s like antivirus, internet security etc. for the people who are not so tech-savvy. Their software has such capabilities which can detect a phishing page and given advanced warning to the user saving the user from the scam. Remember that your vigilance and use of a good antivirus can save you not only from phishing but also from other threats.

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